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If the ball hits any part of your person, in the course of a swing, it is considered a strike. If it hits the bat after hitting your hand, it is a foul ball.

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Q: What happens if you swing at a pitch and it hits off your hand and then your bat is it a foul ball?
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What is a stike out in baseball?

A strike out is when a batter has two strikes (times when they either swing and miss or don't swing at a pitch in the strike zone) and they either don't swing at another pitch in the strike zone, or swing, and miss (if they make contact, but hit the ball foul, it's not a strike out)

In softball and you are in your stance and the pitcher throws the ball and hits your bat without you swinging is that a foul ball?

no. because you have to swing for it to be a foul ball .its really a strike

Can you steal on an over throw back to pitcher on a foul ball in fast pitch softball?

you can steal on a over throw but you cant steal on a foul ball. A foul ball is a dead ball and the ball is not live again until the next pitch.

If the count is three and two what are the odds that the first pitch will be a foul ball?

I have heard that you should bet someone the next pitch is a foul ball because odds are over %50. This happens most of the time I pay attention to the count.

If you swing and ball hits you is the ball live or dead?

If you swing and miss and the ball hits you, it is a strike and a live ball. If you swing and the bat makes contact with the ball and the ball hits you while you're in the batter's box, it is a foul ball and a dead ball.

A foul tip bunt that does not go higher than the batters head is he out?

If he had to previous strikes then yes. No matter where the pitch is, a foul ball is a foul ball.

If the pitch dropped during delivery does not cross a foul line shall be called a no pitch?

it's a no pitch if it does not cross the foul line. if it crosses the foul line it's a ball

Is a foul ball considered part of the pitch count?


Can a runner on first base steal second on a foul tip?

Foul-tip Rule 2.00 see also; Strike (g) and 6.05(b) There is nothing "FOUL" about a foul-tip. It is a strike and the ball is alive. A foul-tip is the same as a swing and a miss. To be a foul-tip, by rule, the ball must go sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher's hand or glove AND BE CAUGHT. Confusion arises on this because people commonly call any ball that is tipped or nicked a foul-tip. It is not a foul-tip, by rule, unless the nicked or tipped ball is caught. If it is not caught, it is simply a foul-ball. A foul-ball is a dead ball. A foul-tip (a legally caught nick) is a live ball strike, just like a swing and a miss. Read the rule in the Official Baseball Rules

What happens to base runners when a defensive player catches a ball in foul territory and his momentum carries him to out of bounds?

If the fielder falls into the stands or the dugout after catching the foul, the ball is dead and runners are awarded base from the base they occupied at the time of the pitch.

What happens if pot the red and white ball in snooker?


How high does a foul ball on the 3 rd strike if its caught to be an out?

it has to be higher than the level of the batter's swing

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