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Q: What happens if you swim with your clothes on?
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What happens if you don't swim?

You float.

What happens if you swim in sulfuric acid?

You die

What happens during dolphin migration?

they swim

What happens to water as the clothes dried?

The wet clothes will evaporate and leaving the clothes dry.

If you don't pass the swimming part of the USMC what happens?

What happens is they teach you how to swim.

What happens when you stick too many clothes in a dryer?

Your clothes get wrinkly

How do you Swim naked?

it is possible to swim naked but it depends on where you are. if you're at home in your backyard pool then yes (as long as your family is either okay or not home). if you're in public then it depends on the rules.

What does a person do when a flood happens in the rain forest?

They swim

What happens when you swim with your shirt on?

first off, it will get wet

What happens if you had clothes?

You wouldn't be naked.

What type of clothes do you dress in swimming in the Olympics?

skin tight speedo swim-suits

Clothes that begin with the letter s and have something to do with the sea?

scuba suit swim suit