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Yes, it counts as a point for the other team if you score in your own basket. It has happened a few times recently in college Basketball.

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Q: What happens if you score in your own basket in basketball?
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In basketball are you scoring into the opponents basket or your own basket?

your own teams basket, it can also switch sides after a certain point

Do the other team get the point if a player shoots in his own basket?

Yes the other team gets the points if you score in the wrong basket.

Who was the first basketball player to score in their own hoop?

Yao Ming

What happens when someone intentionally injures someone in basketball?

That depends upon the severity of the injury. At the minimum, the referee should call a foul. If there is a serious injury involved then it becomes a criminal offense which the police can investigate. There is no legal right to assault people just because you are engaged in a sport.

Who was the first player to score in his own basket?

# Adam Mcintosh. AKA MACCA (Mcintosh - cintosh + caps + ACCA) THE MAC ATTACK

Can own goals be scored in basketball?

Yes. This happens once in a while if the ball is accidentally tipped into the hoop while trying to rebound. Also, once in a while a player will forget which end of the court his team is defending and take a shot at his own team's basket. This happens fairly often with very young players who easily forget which end of the court they are on.

If you throw a basketball in your own hoop does the other team get the point?

Yes... though usually it occurs during rebounding... as opposed to an intentional heave at the wrong basket.

Are free throws taken at your own basket?

No, they are taken at the other team's basket.

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this dick

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