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You will brake something

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Q: What happens if you fall asleep while hulahooping the record?
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What happens is you fall asleep while a CD is playing?

You will not hear it.

Is falling asleep in contacts okay if it happens just once?

Many people fall asleep in contacts once in a while, it just shouldn't be a habit

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record an audio of what you need to study, and play it by your ear multiple times right before you fall asleep. even better, play it while you are falling asleep.

What is happening to your mouth when you are asleep?

When you are asleep your mouth have a movement mainly because we humans dream so whatever that is happening in your dream it happens in reality while you are asleep,take for instance you were fighting in a dream you will kick the blanket as to show that you are fighting.

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What happens if you fall asleep with a penis in your vagina?

Nothing really I mean you can do it while you're asleep so....also guys get random bones in the middle of the night and in the morning so you'll probably feel it

If you dream someones death and it happens as you dream it what are you?

You're gifted with precognition. It's like premonitions except you get them while your asleep or unconscious.

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How can you pass out for a while?

Erm...falling asleep?

Can a narcoleptic fall asleep while talking to someone?

Yes...A narcoleptic can fall asleep at anytime whatsoever.

Why is it when you touch something cold while your foot is asleep it wakes up?

When you touch something cold with your feet while you are asleep you will wake up because of the high sensitivity bearing in mind that when we are asleep we are usually very awake.