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Actually, in Chess you should not have to say 'check', since players should be paying attention to the threats that are on the board. If a player in check makes a move that leaves them in check, which is illegal, their opponent may not simply capture the king. Instead, the opponent should kindly inform the player that they are in check, then the player should take back their previous move and make a legal one using the piece that was touched, if possible.

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Q: What happens if you dont say check in chess?
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Do you have to say check when you are in target with a king in chess? say check-mate

Do you have to say check in chess?

no, but it messe with the other guy

What happens if you don't say check mate in chess?

Nothing happens. You still win. It is checkmate because their king is in check and they are out of moves to protect the king or move it out of check. Actually saying it is virtually the equivalent of saying "I win"

Is there a rule in chess that if they don't say check you can take there piece?

No , there's not a rule in the game of chess that requires a player to forfeit a chess piece if they do not place the king in check at every opportunity to do so .

How many times in a row can you say check in chess?

any amount

Do you have to say check mate in chess?

if you cant move when your the king then yes and yes

How do you say chess in Chinese?

To say "chess" in Chinese is as follows: 棋

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Do you have to say check or checkmate when playing chess?

You don't have to say either. No chess rule requires it, and it may be distracting to your opponent or those around you in a tournament. If you achieve checkmate, you should offer a handshake, or do whatever you normally do to conclude your games, but you do not have to say "checkmate."

Do you say chess in French?

Échecs is the word for chess in French.

Do you have to say checkmate to win a game of chess?

No. Declaring a check/checkmate is not required since most players know when they are in check or checkmate. If they don't notice, then point it out to them.

Is it right to say chess is your passion?

yes u coulld say playing chess is my passion :D

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