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The ball moves in the direction you kicked it.

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Q: What happens if you are right handed but you kick a soccer ball with your left foot?
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Why does it matter what foot you use to kick a soccer ball?

It matters because it depends on if your left or right handed!!

Why does it matter if you're right handed but you kick a soccer ball with your left foot?

thats the thing it doesnt matter

What foot do you use to kick a soccer ball?

Whichever is your dominant foot or preference. Most right handed people kick with their right foot, and vice versa.

Is lucille ball right-handed?


Does it matter if you are left handed but kick a soccer ball with your right foot?

I don't think it matters as long as it's the leg that kicks the best.

Can a left handed bowling ball be drilled for a right hand?

There is no such thing as a left or right handed bowling ball. When the ball is drilled the pattern will be based on the left hand or right hand measurements.

What is it called when a right handed golfer hits the ball straight but to the right?

when a right handed golfer hits the ball slightly to the right it is a FADE but when it goes way offthe the right it is called a slice.

What is pulling the ball in baseball?

'Pulling the ball' is a term used with hitting and is when a right handed batter hits a ball to the left side of the field or a left handed batter hits a ball to the right side of the field.

What happens to a soccer ball if it is kicked below the centre?

Generally, a soccer ball kicked below the center will go upward.

What happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty?

Disqualification happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty

What leg moves backward when the pitcher throws the ball in girls softball?

It depends on if there right or left handed. if they are right handed than the right leg if they are left handed than the left leg

What is considered an opposite field when a baseball player hits the ball to opposite field?

For a right handed batter, the opposite field would be right field ... a right handed batter that hits the ball to right field is said to hit the ball to the opposite field. For a left handed batter, the opposite field would be left field.

What is the right-lefty theory on pitching and why?

I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about but... Right-handed pitchers do better against right-handed batters than they do against left-handed batters. And left-handed pitchers do better against left-handed batters than they do against right-handed batters. Conversely, right-handed batters do better against left-handed pitchers than right-handed pitchers and left-handed batters do better against right-handed pitchers than left-handed pitchers. My dad explained to me once why it worked out this way, but I don't know if I fully understand it. Apparently, the horizontal motion on a pitched ball is such that, for a right-handed pitcher, the ball moves to his left, or to the batter's right. If you are a right-handed batter, the ball is moving AWAY from you, but if you are a left-handed batter, the ball is moving TOWARD you. And, apparently, it's easier to hit a ball moving toward you than to hit one moving away from you. Personally, it's incredible to me that ANYONE can hit a pitched ball, even when it's only going 70 MPH, regardless of which way it's moving, so maybe that's why the explanation didn't make sense to me.

Do left handed persons throw a tennis ball further than right handed persons?

it doesn't matter if the person id left handed or right handed... if the person is good at the game then he is really good.

What is a golf draw?

For a right handed golfer where the ball starts off to the right, and DRAWS back to the left. Vice Versa for a left handed golfer.

What happens when i put a pumped soccer ball in the fridge?

it turns into a lollypop.

What happens when the goalie holds the ball for too long in soccer?

He explodes

Which game is played right handed also if you are left handed?

TennisIn FIELD HOCKEY, you must play the ball with the flat side of the stick, predominantly out to the right side of your body. Therefore, whether left or right handed, you must hold the stick with a right handed grip.

Why choose a left handed pitcher to face a left handed batter?

As a general rule, in pressure situations managers seem to like having a left handed pitcher facing a left handed batter and a right handed pitcher facing a right handed batter. One explanation could be the angle the ball travels ... a curve ball from a left handed pitcher moves away from a left handed hitter while it moves towards a right handed hitter. Odds are a hitter is not going to hit a ball that is moving away as hard as is a hitter that has the ball moving in. Of course, if that curve ball moves to the center of the plate it is gonna get hammered regardless of whether a lefty or righty is batting.

What happens if you kick a soccer ball?

The soccer ball will move in the direction of the force applied to it. If it was not kicked squarely, so that the kick imparted a spin on the ball, then its path will curve in the air.

What is Chinaman in cricket?

A ''chinaman'' is a ball bowled by a left-handed bowler to a right-handed batsman that spins from off to leg

What happens if a ball is passed after the player is touched in touch football?

loss of possession (ball handed over to other team)

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

How is a soccer ball kicked?

A soccer ball is kicked by using your foot like a golf club and swinging it.....not the best description but it helps, right?

What are some advantages for lefty softball pitchers?

A left handed pitcher can get a curve ball to break more than a right handed pitcher throwing a screw ball against a slap hitter hitting left handed.