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Q: What happens if there is a foot fault in badminton?
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What is the foot fault rule in the game of Badminton?

A foot fault is when your foot hist the service line while serving.

In tennis what happens when somebody foot faults?

A foot fault is the same as a regular fault. If you foot-fault twice then its their point. Though it often occurs much more in junior tennis then the pros.

In normal fault what happens to the foot wall?

it goes down slowly

Can a foot fault be challenged in professional tennis?

What has "professional" got to do with it ? A foot fault is a foot fault.

Is it a fault in badminton when you touch the net out of play?


What is it considered if the shuttlecock falls out of bounds in badminton?

A fault.

In badminton is it a fault if during service the shuttle touches the net?

in badminton during the service if shuttle touches the net but it reach oponent player successfully is it fault

What is the difference between a let and fault of badminton?

a let is when you give them a point and a fault is when thay force you.

What does a referre do in badminton?

judge who gets a point, if its in or out, if its a fault etc.

What is foot vault in tennis?

If you were referring to foot fault, foot fault is when serving you foot steps on the baseline or if it crosses the middle of the baseline. If you do commit a foot-fault, a serve is taken away from you; i.e if you make a foot-fault on a first serve you have to hit a 2nd serve and if you make a foot-fault on a second serve, a double fault is given.

What happens at a fault?

it is the result of a foot wall going down and a hanging wall going up

What happens at a fault.?

it is the result of a foot wall going down and a hanging wall going up

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