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The other team automatically gets a point and the ball C:

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Q: What happens if the server steps on the end line while serving ball in volley ball?
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What is it called in volleyball when the server steps over the serving line?

Foot fault.

What is the violation if the server steps on the end line while serving in volleyball?

they get slapped

What is it called when a server steps on or over the end line while serving?

foot fault

What happens if tht server steps on the end line while serving the ball?

The other team gains a point and they lose their serve- just like any other fault in the game

3 steps to a volley ball shot?

Bump, set, and spike.

What happens if tennis player steps on service line while serving the ball?

i do not tennis or watch a game

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What is a fault in volleyball?

When someone steps over the line when they are serving

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What is footfault in volleyball?

A foot fault in volleyball occurs when the server steps on or over the service line while serving the ball. They can not enter the court in any way until the ball has been struck or served into the field of play.

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What is a volleyball foot fault?

When the person who is serving steps over or on the service line.

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In tennis a player who steps on or in front of the baseline while serving commits a what?

Foot Fault

What is the meaning of a foot fault in volleyball?

A foot-fault is when the player serving steps over the back boundary line while in the process of serving. You must stay within all out of bound's lines when serving.

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