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You play against the team again or against another team.

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Q: What happens if the score is a draw at the end of the world cup football?
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What is a no score draw in football?

no score draw is = 0-0

What happen if the score is a draw at the end of the World Cup football final?

they go in extra time, if still tied they go into penalties

What's a score draw?

A draw happens when both teams end the game on equal points.A no score draw happens when neither side scores any points at all.A score draw happens when both teams score points but they both score the same amount of points.

What is the highest score draw in the English football league?

In the premier league the highest score draw is 4-4, im not sure about before the premiership though

How many points for a no score draw in premiership football?

English and Scottish football leagues all have the same points scoring system, that is: Win = 3 points Draw = 1 point Lose = 0 points Thus you get 1 point for a draw irrespective of whether it is a score or 0-0 draw

What does null mean in english?

In a football score it can mean nil, or that the match was a draw.

What was the score Scotland v England football match 1872?

It was a no scoring draw.

What happens when there is a draw in football cup game?

In a cup like the world cup there is extra time and if nobody scores then it goes into penalties!

Last 5-5 football score draw?

lyon 5 marseille 5 2010

How would you draw a football scoreboard?

How would you draw a football scoreboard?

What is a tie called in soccer?

Either a score draw (eg 1-1) or a no score draw (0-0)

What is the most common score in a world cup final match?

1-0 is the most common score though it might be a draw when it goes into stoppage time (if it goes into stoppage time).

Who won the football World Cup in 2006?

Italy beat France on penalties after a 1-1 draw to claim their 4th World Cup

Is draw a noun verb or adjective?

There are homonyms for draw, nouns and verbs. The noun "draw" means a tie, and has a related verb form meaning to reach a tied score. The other verb "draw" means to make a drawing or sketch.There are several other meanings for the noun draw (backspin, curved shot, gully, or football play).

What happen if the score is a draw at the end of world cup final?

if there is a draw, thebasket ball game will continue until someone wins. an actual draw will never and can never happen. someone must become the champion.

How many points if you draw in football?

During a tournament in football, one point will be awarded to each team in the event of a draw. This is important during the world cup and other tournaments when teams only need one more point to advance to the next round.

When playing UNO can you save your wild card and use it at the end of the game?

Yes, you can save the Wild Card until the very end when you go out. If it also happens to be a Draw Four, the next player has to draw four cards and count them in the score.

What was the score in the game of US vs England in the FIFA World Cup 2010?

The game was a draw: England, 1; United States, 1

How do you draw football players?


Who won the last world cup football?

Italy beat France 5-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

How do you draw score or coins on game maker 8 pro?

draw_text(0,0,score); For coins, you'll need to make a variable that stores how many to draw.

What was the score of the opening game of the FIFA World Cup 2010?

The first game was South Africa verses Mexico, it ended in a 1-1 draw.

Who won the England v USA world cup 2010 football match?

It was a draw. However, England were expected to win, and failed to.

Which defending champions had the worst performance in a Football World Cup with 2 losses 1 draw and no goals scored?

Saudi Arabia

What happens if it is a draw in rugby union?

a draw in rugby union is, a league game then a draw is a draw like football and you get your draw points in a knockout stage like quarter final etc.. then you usually play 10 mins each half extra time and if its still a tie then you have a golden goal sort of game first to score a point wins whether its a try or drop goal and that's it, cheers. D.Williams And as proved in the Heineken Cup Semi Final Match between Cardiff Blues and Leicester Tigers at the Millenium stadium 2009 it can come down to penalties if nothing is scored in extra time. It would continue like football, 5 players have to kick a penalty from in front of the goals posts and then if it is equal score after that still then it would go into sudden death. And as Cardiff lost that game when they avidly deserved to win that game the rules of a draw in rugby union are completely stupid and unjust as in that particular game the better team on the day got knocked out and that is not fair.