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If the pitcher is in contact with the runner, the runner is safe if the pitcher drops the ball. If the pitcher is in contact with the rubber, it is a balk if he drops the ball.

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Q: What happens if the pitcher drops the ball while in contact with the runner?
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A runner is on 1st and 2nd a ball is hit to the pitcher he drops the ball and the 2nd base runner steps on 3rd and heads back to 2nd and realizes the pitcher drops the ball is it still a force out?

yes it still is a force the runner has to go

What happens when a runner drops his baton?

Unfortunately he has to go back and get it.

What is it called when a pitcher drops the ball while pitching?

If the pitcher drops the ball while contacting the rubber or in her motion it is called an illegal pitch. The batters' count will be given a ball and if a runner is on base they are allowed to advance to the next base.

In baseball does the fielder have to actually catch the fly ball or just have contact with it before the runner tags up?

He needs to catch it, and if he drops it the runner doesn't need to tag up.

If the runner is tagged out then the fielder drops the ball and the runner touches the base is he out?


Does runner run if catcher drops third strike?


Why did the play Advance after a pitcher drops the ball?

If you mean a player on base? When a pitcher drops the ball it is a balk and base runners advance one base.

What happens when strike three goes by and you swung and missed and the catcher drops it?

This play is referred to as "redeye". If a batter misses (or does not swing) at the 3rd strike, and the catcher drops it, the runner must run to first before the catcher throws the dropped pitch to first. If the runner is beaten by the throw, it is simply a strikeout in the books. If the runner beats out the throw, it still goes as a strikeout, but his advance to first will be listed as an error by either the pitcher or the catcher (depending on how bad the pitch was, and the reason it was not caught). In Little League (60 foot basepaths) batter is out on strike three no matter what the catcher does.

How do you score a missed third strike if catcher drops third ball and the batter is safe at first?

It is scored as a strike out for the pitcher (as far as the pitcher's stats) but not an out against the team at bat. The base runner's advance to 1st is scored as a passed ball (error) on the cather.

Is runner out if he misses touching home plate and catcher drops ball and runner swats it away?

Yes, runner cannot intentionally dislodge ball from fielders glove.

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Why can a hitter run to 1st base if the catcher drops the ball?

The batter can advance because the ball is still live, same as every runner on any base. The catcher must catch the ball directly from the pitcher to complete a strikeout.

Does batter get RBI if runner scores from third on 3 strikes catcher drops ball?


Is a runner out on a force out at second base if the fielder drops the ball after touching second base for the out?

Yes, if the fielder had full possession of the ball when he touched the base the runner is out.

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