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If the goal keeper's team has substitutions remaining, then another goal keeper may replace them. If not, then a field player must be nominated to become the new goal keeper.

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It is a hand ball

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He explodes

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Q: What happens if the goalkeeper is injured in soccer?
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What player on a soccer team has been injured?

the goalkeeper

What is the maximum weight for a goalkeeper in soccer?

Nothing requires a goalkeeper to have a maximum weight.

What is the best soccer goalkeeper for boys?


Who is the person who gads the net in soccer?

The goalkeeper.

Who is the best soccer goalkeeper ever?

Gordon banks

The best goalkeeper in soccer?

julio Cesar (Brazil )

Can a goalkeeper do the center kickoff in a soccer match?

no :-x

Does play have to stop in soccer to substitute a goalkeeper?

Play has to stop in order to bring on a substitute, whether it be a goalkeeper or an outfielder.

Why do people make trick shots in soccer?

To fool the goalkeeper.

The best soccer goalkeeper in the world?

gianluigi buffon casillas

Can a soccer player kick the goalkeeper?

No they can not do it as they can harm the goalkeeper. Henry id that recently to celebrate a goal, but he got fined heavily.

How can you be a professional goalkeeper?

It takes a lot of effort and trainning. Join a well established soccer club and get a proper goalkeeper kits.