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The ball hit into the stands is beyond the limits of the Baseball field, and is therefore considered a home run. In order for the caught ball to be counted as an 'out', the catch would have to be made on the field area and by a legitimate player of one of the two teams.


The ball is ruled dead and the umpire will award any bases or charge any outs that, in his judgment, would have occurred without the interference. There is a fine line between the ruling of fair play and spectator interference. The rule is the stands belong to the fans and the field of play belongs to the player. If the player has to lean over a railing into the stands to make a play on a fly ball and a fan interferes, there can be no call of spectator interference. If a fan leans over a railing into the field of play and interferes with a fielder making a play on a fly ball, the umpire will call spectator interference and the batter will be out and most probably, the fan will be ejected from the stadium.

There could be two scenarios to your question. One would be a high fly ball that the fielder can get under and make a play on. The other would be a line drive that the fielder could not get back to make a play on. For the first scenario, the high fly ball, the batter would be called out. On the second scenario, the line drive, the umpire would make a judgment and award the batter the base that he would have 'normally' advanced to had there not been spectator interference.

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If it were an umpire, it is one base. Since it is a player, it is all the runner(s) can get.

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It is an out, just like when it is a fair ball that is caught.

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Q: What happens if the ball rolls into a defensive players uniform?
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