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If the serve touches any part of the service box (including the white lines that enclose it), then the serve is in. This includes barely nicking any part of the line.

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If you hit the net and it goes over you go onto 2nd serve and if i doesn't go over u got to 2nd serve again

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i do not tennis or watch a game

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Q: What happens if tennis player steps on service line while serving the ball?
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What is service break in tennis?

A service break occurs when a player wins the game when their opponent is serving.

Which tennis player has the fastest serving speed?

Milos Raonic...with a serving speed of 225km/h

What is the term change in service in table tennis?

The person serving is the one who starts the point with a serve (hitting the ball out of their hand). The service change is when the other player starts the point (serves). Multiple service changes happen in a single game allowing each player opportunities to serve.

What is area of tennis ground?

I am not sure but just call your local tennis place

What is a double break point?

In tennis, when the player serving is losing by a score of 15-40, this is considered "double break point" as his opponent has two opportunities to win the game or "break" his service.

In tennis a player who steps on or in front of the baseline while serving commits a what?

Foot Fault

What to select first in tennis service or retain?

Return first, unless you are a professional men's tennis player

What part of tennis are waiters best at?

Serving Serving

Why is Venus Williams inportant?

She just so happens to be an amazing tennis player!

What happens if a tennis player neeeds to be called out of a game?

the player either forfiets or refueses to leave the match

What is a failed serve in tennis?

Losing your serve is when you lose the game in which you were serving, it is said the oppenent (whoever that may be) broke someones (whoever was servings) serve. If you win the game then you held your serve.

How does tennis get started?

By serving