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Then the other team wins by forfeit.

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Q: What happens if a team walks out of the game?
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What happens after the game?

The winning team celebrates.

What is a MLB perfect game?

a perfect game is when a pitcher allows no hits, walks, and his team allows no errors

What happens if a team does not show up for a game?

it can't happen

What happens if a team receives 5 red cards?

The game has to be stopped, you need 7 players on a team.

What is the diffrance no hitter and pirfict game?

A no hitter means the opposing team didn't get a hit, but still allows for base runners to reach on walks and errors. A perfect game means no one on the opposing team made it on base for any reason. No hits, no walks, no errors.

If you start a game with 5 players on your team if one of your players fouls out what happens?

He or She is replaced by a team mate on the bench.

What happens after you beat Articuno in blue rescue team?

Restart the game and play it with a different team.

What happens if five men on a baseball team do not show up for a game?

A forfeited game. Assuming the other team shows up with all nine or ten guys.

Can a team win a baseball game with no hits.?

Yes, and it has been done even in the major leagues. A team can score with walks and errors without getting any hits.

What happens when an animal moves its leg?

it walks

What happens if you sell the stone to get past team magma in emerald?

The game won't allow you to sell it.

What happens if a soccer match is abandoned?

The game may end in a forfeit; the team who abandoned first may be penalized with the loss of the game.