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Forty (40) yards.

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Q: What happens if a team has the ball on the ball on their twenty yard line and after the play its on the defenses forty yard line then how many yards were gain?
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If you were on the 20 yard line and you ran to the 40 yard line how many yards did you run?

The answer depends on which 40-yard line. If you're on your own twenty and run to your own 40, you ran twenty yards. If you start from your own twenty and run to your opponent's 40, you ran forty yards.

How many yards in forty feet?

13.33 yards.

What is forty yards?

40 yards is 120 feet.

How many yards are in Forty Meters?

That would be 43.7445 yards.

How many yards are there twenty feet?

6 and two-third yards are in twenty feet.

Twenty ft is how many yards?

Twenty feet is 6 and 2/3 (6.6666666666666666666667) yards.

Forty five feet make's how many yards.?

15 yards.

What is forty four yards to miles?

44 yards is 0.025 miles.

How do you measure 40 yards?

Forty yards is the equivalent to one hundred and twenty feet one thousand four hundred and forty inches zero point zero two hundred and twenty seven miles zero point zero three hundred and sixty six kilometers thirty six point six meters

How many squares yards is forty feet by forty feet?

40' x 40' (1,600 square feet) = 177.7 sq. yards.

Forty inches equals how many yards?

One yard is 36 inches. So, forty inches is 1 1/9 yards.

How many yards of cement for a slab twenty one by twenty one?

At a 4" depth, approximately 5.5 yards.