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As unfair as this may seem, if it fumbles into the endzone then out of bounds, the other team gets the ball as a touchback. if it's recovered by the offense then it's a touchdown

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Q: What happens if a team fumbles the ball into the opposing team's endzone?
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How many points is a safety worth in a football game?

A safety is worth 2 points and caused three ways. 1) The person in possession of the ball is tackled inside their own endzone 2) There is an offensive holding penalty that happens inside the offensive teams endzone 3) The offensive team fumbles the ball out of bounds in their endszone.

Can the defense score a touchdown in the NFL?

Yes, they could. There are two ways an NFL defense can score touchdowns. One way is to intercept a pass and run it back into the endzone. The other way is by recovering an opposing teams fumble and running it into the endzone.

Do they have football in Canada?

Canada has what is known as 'American football', as well as the European football (called 'soccer' in Canada), although the two are vastly different. American football involves players throwing and carrying a brown leather ball to score on the opposing teams endzone. European football aka soccer is played with opposing teams kicking a black and white ball into the opposing teams net.

Where to NFL teams stay when visiting Detroit?

In the endzone.

What happens when a receiver catches a ball in the opposing teams end zone?

It's a touchback or the other teams point

Do nfl football teams get a certain endzone side Or do they switch sides?

The team who doesn't get the ball at the coin flip decides which endzone they want. A team will have the same endzone in the first and fourth quarters and the opposite endzone in the 2nd and third quarters.

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1938 Chicago Bears and 1978 49ers with 56

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