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If a swimmer breaks any swimming rule, they get disqualified. If they get disqualified the time that they got, well not count. If they were to break all of the rules, the same happens. They don't get another punishment for each broken rule. Their time just won't count.

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Q: What happens if a swimmer breaks each swimming rule?
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How is swimming played differently in the paralympics?

Able bodied swimming and dissability swimming is different as where people have missing limbs extra, the rules that apply in able bodied swimming cannot apply in dissability swimming. For example, on butterfly and breaststroke, the swimmer must touch each wall with both hands, but in a dissability meet, the swimmer would not be able to do this if they only hadhalf anarm. However the swimmer still has to push their half arm foreward as if they were going to touch the wall, but once their other handhas touched, they can turn. Hope this answered your question :)

Is swimming more widespread?

as a swimmer, i can say that anybody can join swimming and it really benefits the body. It's a GREAT aerobic AND anaerobic sport that keeps any swimmer healthy. There are swimmers all over the world, and more people join swimming each day. Whether you're 3 or 93, swimming is great. Basic swimming can save one from drowning. Casual swimming can keep one healthy and fit. and if you decide to go hard core and Olympic status, well look at Michael Phelps. The honor and fame and memories of swimming are endless. Swimming is truly a GREAT sport that you can never retire from :)

What does 100 relay mean in Swimming terms?

There are many types of relays in swimming. The two main categories are Medley Relays and Freestyle Relays. A medley relay consists of 4 swimmers, with each swimmer doing a different stroke (Backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle). A freestyle relay consists of 4 swimmers, with each one swimming freestyle. A 100 relay would mean that each swimmer is going for 25 yards/meters. A 200 relay means 50 yards/meters each and so on. Sometimes relays are referred to as "four by (length)" relays. So a 400 yard freestyle relay consisting of four 100 yard freestyle legs would be called a "four by 100 yard free relay" and so on...and so on also swimming is an awsome sport!!!!!!

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Why the slopes are different for each swimmer?

Because they are all moving at different speeds.

Was there ever a tie for Olympic gold medals?

There has been at least one tie for an Olympic gold medal. The 2000 Olympics, held in Sydney, Australia, had a tie in the men's 50M freestyle swimming event between Gary Hall, Jr. (USA) and Anthony Ervin (USA). Each swimmer had a time of 21.98 seconds, and each swimmer received a gold medal. There was no silver medal awarded for that event, only two gold and one bronze.

Olympics swimmer gold medalist?

Ian Thorpe is the Best swimmer ever and he shouldn't have retired so young!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where can I find swim lesson providers in Yishun?

Looking to find exceptional swim lessons in Yishun? Look no further than OTTERSWIM, the premier swim school specializing in delivering top-notch swimming instruction for children. Immerse your child in our renowned Swimming Babies Program, where we offer personalized private lessons tailored to meet the unique needs of each young swimmer.

What strokes are in the swimming medley?

both of the events include the strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle. thought the order of the strokes is different in the individual medley the order of the strokes is: fly, back, breast, free in the medley relay the order of the strokes is: back, breast, fly, free