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the 2nd yellow card is a red card, there are no back-to-back yellow's.

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Q: What happens if a second yellow card is issued?
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What happens after a yellowcard penalty?

you get a second yellow card then along with it red

In soccer what is a yellow card and a red card?

In soccer a yellow card is issued as a warning for committing a foul that is not so serious. A red card on the other hand is issued for serious offences or for someone who had received a yellow card earlier.

What results in a yellow card?

A yellow card in UK football is issued by the referee for a players first offence.

What does it mean if a player is issued with a yellow card?

it means they are rubbish

Can a yellow or red card be issued to an injured player who is on the ground?

Yes. A yellow or red card can be issued to an injured player who is on the ground. It is not considered best practice due to the imagery.

What happens if you receive a yellow card in soccer?

If it's your first yellow card, you should be very careful not to get another one; if it's your second one in the same game already, then you are off.

How much do yellow card worth?

if you mean a yellow card in football, it means a warning, 2 of them and a red card is issued and throws you out of the game and the next one.

What happens when you get a yellow card or a red card in soccer?

The yellow card is a warning. The red card means that you are ejected from the game, and your team has to play short for the rest of the game, also in most completions a red card will also prevent you from participating in the next match. The second yellow card in the same game will automatically give you a red card.

What is a yellow card and what happens if you receive 2 yellow cards?

A yellow card is shown by the referee to indicate that a player has been officially cautioned.A player who receives a second yellow card in a match is sent off, meaning that he must leave the field immediately and take no further part in the game.

How many games you miss for a second yellow card in one game?

You miss 1 game for a second yellow card in one game.

What if you get a yellow card in football?

If you get a yellow card you must be careful, as a second one means you will miss a game.

What happens when a player gets a yellow card in the world cup?

If someone gets a yellow card nothing happens the player just gets a warning.

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