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Q: What happens if a mammogram is done during pregnancy?
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Can you have a mammogram in the first month of pregnancy?

No you should not have a mammogram during pregnancy at all. If the doctors think there is a reason to examine your breast tissue there are other tests, like an ultrasound that can be done. (Besides double ouch!!) If you had a mammogram before you were aware of the pregnancy, discuss the possible problems with your doctor or midwife.

How much does a mammogram cost in Turkey?

The cost of a mammogram in Turkey could still depend on where you get it done. There are 12 clinics available in Turkey where you would be able to get a mammogram done.

Does everyone have amniocentesis done during pregnancy?


What is done in procedure code 77052?

A screening mammogram

Is it safe to have your nails done during pregnancy?


When is Chorionic villus sampling done?

It is done during weeks 10-12 of a pregnancy

What ocular surgeries are safe during pregnancy?

If your ocular surgery is done in localanesthesia, it is safe in pregnancy.

Why would you have a pap smear during the last stages of a pregnancy?

Pap smears are done to detect cervical cancer and precancerous changes in the cervix. They are typically done during the earlier part of pregnancy, but may be done later if not done early.

How intercourse can be done during pregnancy?

Ask doctors, personal physician.

What are the most common types of imaging done after the initial mammogram?

The most common imaging methods are additional views on the mammogram, sometimes called magnification views, and ultrasound.

Is there anything which can be done to control vomiting during pregnancy?

just drink salt water

Can push ups be done during pregnancy?

Yes, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise.

What is a bilateral mammogram?

A bilateral mammogram is a procedure done by a health care expert in order to evaluate breast tissues for abnormalities. These abnormalities could include cysts or breast cancer.

What is happens in a pregnancy clinic?

they check baby and mother to see whats going on and if anything needs to be done

When can CMT be tested for during pregnancy?

This can be done after 10-12 weeks of pregnancy using a procedure called chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

What are ways to avoid pregnancy?

Avoiding pregnancy means you have to stop it before it happens and that is done by birth control.Or you could abstain from sexual intercourse as a more certain way.

Urinary track infections during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy make women more susceptible to urinary tract infections. They are harmful if left untreated, which is normally done with antibiotics.

What is the medical term meaning x-ray of a breast?

When an x-ray is done on the breasts, it is called a Mammogram.

When are blood glucose test and glucose tolerance test done durin pregnancy?

during the third triamester

What is the work for stopping pregnancy?

Assuming you meant "word", it's called abortion if done as an intervention, miscarriage if it happens spontaneously.

What has been done to solve teenage pregnancy?

Nothing has been done to prevent teen pregnancy

What happens to your unborn at 10 weeks if you have an EKG done?

Nothing. An EKG is a very safe test during pregnancy and should have no bearing on the health of the fetus. What may be more concerning is the reason you are having the EKG performed.

When do you take the blood sugar test during your pregnancy?

The glucose challenge screening test, is usually done during the 24th to the 28th week of pregnancy. If you are at increase risk for gestational diabetes or you start spilling sugar in your route urine sample, the test will be done earlier in the pregnancy as need develops. A prior pregnancy where you developed gestational diabetes, if you are obese or if you have given birth to a very large baby in a previous pregnancy you are considered at risk.

Name a medical use of sound energy?

Ultrasound scans are done - for instance to look at the foetus during pregnancy

Is an induction cooker safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes. It should be safe to use the induction cooker safe in pregnancy. But then retrospective study can be done to prove the same.