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The appropriate team and/or personal penalties will be given by the umpire/referee.

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Q: What happens if a foul occurs in hockey?
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What is advancing the ball with the hand in field hockey?

a foul

What happens after a foul in basketball?

What happens after a foul in basketball

What is the scoring called for hokey?

Scoring for hockey occurs when the hockey puck is hit into the net. When that happens, the team that hit it in gets a point that is called a goal.

What happens if you foul out and stay on the court?

Technical foul

What happens if you use the rounded side of a hockey stick?

If it influences play in any way, then this is considered a foul, and a free hit is given to the other team.

What is a short corner in field hockey?

it is another name for a penalty corner. it occurs when a penalty happens inside the shooting D

What is the call when a tennis foul occurs?

fault footfault out

What happens if you scratch and foul in the same turn in 8-ball?

The the first foul that occurs should be the called foul. Under BCA and APA 8 Ball rules, multiple fouls, which can include a scratch, cannot be assessed and only one foul can be called. Except on the break, a scratch is defined as a type of foul. The shot must be a legal shot to foul, and if the break is not a legal break, no foul can occur although a scratch can occur.

What happens when a foul is committed in soccer?

It depends where and what kind of foul. Also what level

Why do you get corners in hockey?

you get corners when the opposite team gets a foul inside the circle.

In Field Hockey - What is a penalty corner?

A penalty corner is called when there is a foul in the circle.

Where must a player sit after a foul in ice hockey?

They sit in the penalty box.

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