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Over 16 pounds? It wouldn't be legal for any sanctioning organization - neither the PBA nor the US Bowling Congress allow heavier-than-16-lb balls.

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Q: What happens if a bowling ball is over 16?
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What is an illegal bowling ball?

An illegal ball is an ball over 16 pounds.

What is the weight of a bowling ball in newtons?

A 16 pound bowling ball would be 71.172 newtons in weight.

What is the most a bowling ball can weigh?

16 pounds is the maximum weight of a bowling ball that can be used in sanctioned events.

What is the heaviest ball allowed in sanctioned league bowling?

In tenpin bowling, the lightest weight bowling ball allowed in sanctioned play is 6 pounds.

How much does the heaviest bowling ball weight?

The heaviest ball you can throw is 16 pounds its illegal to throw anything over that.

How much does a bowling ball weigh on Mercury?

A 16 pound bowling ball on Earth would weight approximately 6 pounds on Mercury.

How big is the biggest ball?

The heaviest legal bowling ball weighs 16 pounds.

What is the number on the house bowling ball?

The number on a house ball represents its weight in pounds. Bowling balls can range from 6 to a maximum of 16 lbs.

Can a bowling ball be measured in ounces?

Yes. At 16 ounces to the pound, an 8 pound ball would be 8*16=128 ounce ball.

Weight of a regulation bowling ball?

anywhere from 6-16 pounds.

What weight is Norm Duke's bowling ball?

Norm Duke uses 16-pound Storm bowling balls.

How many cups of flour and water to make a bowling ball?

If one were to sculpt a solid weight bowling ball from the suggested paper mache, it is likely to take at least 5 cups of water for a 5-pin bowling ball and at least 16 cups of flour for a 10-pin bowling ball. Consider in order to solidify the mache mixture, that each of these measurements will need to mix at least twice as much water, over the flour.