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The home team scorer becomes the official scorer

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Q: What happens if a baseball game doesn't have a official scorer?
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When did the official scorers stop deciding who was the pitcher of record?

The official scorer still decides who is the winning pitcher in instances that are not covered by the baseball scoring rules (Rule 10.19). This occurs only for relief pitchers.

What was the first perfessional baseball team?

The Cincinnati Reds (at that time they were referred to as the Cincinnati Red Stockings) -- they paid a salary to 10 men, 1 man to field all 9 positions and then an official scorer

What is the role of an official scorer keeper in basketball?

They Keep the score throughout the game's duration. Check yo'self.

Was Theo Walcott the youngest hat-trick scorer ever for England?

Theo Walcott September 10, 2008, 4-1 vs Croatia. Youngest hattrick scorer for England official.

What does the baseball term drag mean?

Drag is a bunting term used mainly by left-handed batters. It is the act of bunting the ball while starting to run towards first base. Drag bunting is not a sacrifice bunt. If there are any runners on base and a batter drag bunts, the Official Scorer will not credit the batter with a sacrifice so long as he makes it obvious he is bunting for a single. It is the Official Scorer's decision whether or not a sacrifice is granted in a bunt.

How does baseball determine which pitcher loses?

At the end of the game, the official scorer determines which run scored by the winning team was the one that put them ahead for good. Whichever pitcher allowed the baserunner to reach who scored this run, is the loser.

There is a man on third and the batter hits a fly ball to right field. The right fielder makes an error and the runner on third comes home. Does the hitter get an RBI. Is it a sacrifice fly?

That call is left up to the official scorer. If there were less than two out and the fly ball, in the scorer's opinion, would have been long enough for the runner from third to score after the catch, then the official scorer could rule the play an error and award the batter a sacrifice fly and an RBI.

Who is dumbarton fc top goal scorer?

Kenny Wilson or jack tait who played for us in the 1890s however i cant get official confirmation

What was the score of the first official basketball game played at YMCA in 1892?

The score was 1 to 0, the only scorer being William Chase.

Who were the Top 10 scorers in champions league 2009?

Lionel messi was the top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo was the second top scorer Nicklas bendtner was the third top scorer Wayne Rooney was the fourth top scorer Ediin Dzecko was the fifth top scorer Radamel Falcao was the sixth rop scorer Steen Jovetic was the seventh top scorer Milos Krasic was the eight top scorer Diego miltio was the ninth top scorer Mark Owen was the tenth top scorer

What do you call a hockey scorer?

You call a hockey scorer a Sniper

Who decides if a error is committed in major league baseball?

The official scorekeeper makes that decision.