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the ball is given a no ball

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Q: What happens if a ball bounces and goes over the head of a batsman and batsman plays that ball?
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Is a batsman out if the ball bounces twice before hitting the wickets?

Yes, if the ball bounces more than twice it is a no ball but if it bounces twice it is legal. Although this is a very unlikely situation.

What happens when the ball bounces on the tramlines?

It's out

What happens when a ball bounces at a height over the head and you play it?

The ball must be given a no ball

What happens if a tennis ball bounces in the tramlines?

it would be classed as out

What happens if you freeze a ping pong ball?

it bounces lower

What happens if a pitch bounces on home plate?

It's a ball

What happens when you freeze a ping pong ball?

It bounces lower

What is a page ball swing ball and yorker ball?

A yorker ball hits the cricket pitch around the batsman's feet. When a batsman assumes a normal stance this generally means that the cricket ball bounces on the cricket pitch on or near the batsman's popping crease. A batsman who advances down the wicket to strike the ball (typically to slower or spin bowlers) may by so advancing cause the ball to pitch (or land) at or around their feet and may thus cause themselves to be "yorked".

What happens when light hits objects?

it bounces!! like a bouncy ball!

Does cricket ball have to bounce when bowled?

The ball doesn't have to bounce, but if it passes the batsman above the waist before it bounces then it will be a no-ball. If it hits the ground, then bounces over head height, it will be allowed once per over. any more head height bouncers will be classed as wides.

Is wide ball counted as a ball faced by the batsman in Cricket?

no ,wide ball is not counted as a ball faced by the batsman in Cricket.but no ball is counted as a ball faced by the batsman in Cricket.

Can batsman stump out of a no ball?

No, a batsman can not be stumped out off a no-ball. But he can b stumped on a wide ball.

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