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Same thing that happens if it's tied 77-77. Sudden-Death Overtime. One 15-minute period. First team to score wins. If neither team scores, it's a tie. But, in the playoffs, I think they just keep playing if neither team scores, with additional 15-minute overtime periods. Because you can't have a tie in the playoffs.

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Q: What happens if a NFL game is tied 0-0 at the end of regulation?
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How many minutes are there in an NFL game?

60 minutes, 15 min. Quarters. In the regular season if the game is tied at the end of Regulation the there is one 15 min. sudden death OT. In the playoffs they play more than 1 OT if the game is still tied at the end of the 1st OT.

How are ties broken in NFL?

Games that are tied go into overtime. Should a game be tied after overtime, the game stays tied. Thus, ties are not broken after a certain amount of time.

How long does a semi pro football game last?

If it a regulation game 60 minutes same as a NFL game

Has a football game ever been tied at 2?

well there has never been a final NFL game tied at 2 but as far as it being tied at 2 during the game, I don't know and it would be tedious to find answer.

Has there ever been a scoreless NFL game?

In 1978 the oilers and the browns tied 0-0 in the afc championship

In an NFL game if the game is tied after regulation during the regular season is it sudden death til a team scores or is it just one extra period?

In the regular season, it is one 15 minute period with the first team that scores being declared the winner. If no team scores during the 15 minute period, the game is declared a tie.

What happens if Rose Bowl remain tied in overtime?

they keep playing overtimes because unlike the nfl, there are no ties in college football.

What happens in the NFL playoffs if its tied after overtime?

2nd overtimie there's no 2nd overtime if u answer a question make sure its right

Most touchdowns scored in a single game?

As of January 1, 2008, 3 NFL players, Ernie Nevers, Dub Jones, and Gale Sayers, are tied for the NFL single game touchdown record with (6) touchdowns in a single game.

What happens after the first OT and no one scores?

In college football, the teams play a second overtime. If the game is tied after that, they play a third overtime. And on and on until one team is leading after an overtime. In the NFL, if no team scores in overtime the game is over and declared a tie.

How long is an average NFL regulation game?

Usually about 3 hours. The Super bowl is around 4 hours. The average playing time for a game is 12:36 minutes.

Why did the giants vs lions game end in a tie in 1943?

There was no overtime for NFL regular season games in 1943. If the fourth quarter ended and the game was tied, the game was over and recorded as a tie.

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