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If 5 penalty shootout are tie on football then the referee can allow the teams to pick other players maybe three or five to start the shootout again until a winner is found.

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Q: What happens if 5 penalty shootout are tie on football?
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What is a penalty for a shootout in soccer?

shoots outs in soccer are to get a tie breaker

Is there a shootout in soocer?

yes a penalty shootout which involves 5 players from each team taking shots at the oppositions goalkeeper from the penalty spot . whoever gets the most goals wins. If it is a tie then it goes to sudden death

What is a shootout?

when a soccer game goes to a tie after extra time they have a shootout or penalties

Can a world cup soccer game end in a tie?

Depends. If the game is one of the first-round games going for points, then the game can end in a tie. If the game is an elimination game where a loss counts as elimination, a tie is not allowed. Instead, if a tie is present at the end of a 90-minute regulation game, an extra 30 minutes are played. If the tie remains after another 30 minutes, a penalty-kick shootout takes place. The penalty-kick shootout will continue until a winner is declared.

When does a shootout apply in a hockey game?

a hockey game shootout starts at the end of a game ends in a tie they go overtime(who ever scores first) then go on breakways (shootout) a hockey game shootout starts at the end of a game ends in a tie they go overtime(who ever scores first) then go on breakways (shootout)

What happens if two teams are tie in the same division of football?

Have another game

What is a no decision in hockey?

In hockey, there can be no tie. If there is a tie after regulation time, they go to a 5 minute overtime, and if it is still tied they go to a shootout until there is a winner. That is the regular season rule. However in the playoffs, there is no shootout but rather overtime until the tie is broken.

Can you tie in collage football?

it is possible to tie in a college football game

How many points do you get for a tie in NHL ice hockey?

It used to be one point per tie but as of the 2005-2006 season the tie has been eliminated by shootout.

What happens if there is a tie at the end of the soccer game?

They go to 5 penalty kicks the team with the most goals with them wins.if theres a tie of those they do on vs one in penalty kicks.if tied they keep doing that until someone wins. in league competitions they go to extra time only and it could be a tie

How many points are awarded for a penalty kick in soccer?

When a penalty kick scores, it counts as a goal (just as any other goal). Penalty kicks that do not score (similar to regular goals) count for nothing.The exception are kicks from the penalty mark (the "Penalty Shootout": the tie-breaker sometimes used when a game must have a winner, such as in most tournaments). When these kicks are successful, they are not counted as goals, but tracked separately to determine the winner.

Is there a game winning goal in every nhl game?

Yes unless there is a tie or a shootout

Can football end in tie?

A football match that ends in a tie is known as a draw.

Is any goal keeper had heart stroked in penalty or tie breaking time?

No. There has not been a goalkeeper who had a heart stroke in penalty or tie breaking time.

When a varsity high school football game ends in regulation as a tie what happens next?

it just ends

How many periods in a ice hockey game in the winter Olympics?

3/three unless tie which goes on to overtime.Still tie leads to shootout.

What is a shootout in a NHL hockey game?

Shootout happens after the game is tied. When the game ends, the team goes to overtime and after that, if the game is still a tie, they go to shootout. That's when it's player against goalie and the player has one chance to shoot on the goalie to score. The team at the end that has the most goals wins the game. They're fun to watch :) Hope this helped!! XD

What is a nine dart shootout?

in the event of a tie break the highest score obtained in nine darts wins.

What national team was the winner of the world cup in 2006?

FIFA World Cup winner in 2006 was Italy (by shootout, after a tie 1-1, with France, winning the shootout 5-3).

What if the teams remain tied after the tie breaker in soccer?

Tie games are usually decided by penalty kick shootouts.

Can you tie in a football game?


Is there only overtime in American football if it is a draw?

Yes. In regular season games, teams will play up to 15 minutes of overtime in order to settle a tie with the first team to score being declared the winner. If neither team scores in the 15 minute overtime period, the game is declared a tie. There is nothing used to break ties like the shootout you might see in ice hockey or penalty kicks in association football. In a playoff game, teams will play as many minutes of overtime as it takes until one team scores and is declared the winner.

How can there be a tie in pro football?

there can be a tie from the same score so they have to go into overtime then

Can you still tie at the end of a regular season hockey game?

No. Technically the game can end in a tie if no team scores in the extra 5 minute overtime period, but the current rules require a shootout to determine the winner of the game. Each team gets a point in the season standings for the tie at the end of regulation and the shootout team winner gets an extra point.

What happens if soccer ends in a tie?

what if soccer ends in a tie