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Then the goal difference will count. then if it still ties they see who won their matches with each other.For example Barcelona and Real Madrid were tied twice but Real won one game and drew one. So they beat Barcelona for the title.

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Q: What happens if 2 teams are tied for the premiership?
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Who has played for 2 premiership teams and Barcelona?

Mark Hughes

Who has won won the premiership with 2 different teams?

Cristiano ronaldo

How many premiership teams start with the letter w?

2, Wigan, west brom

Which footballer has played for 3 premiership teams and scored 2 goals?


What does scoreless tie mean?

it means... nobody scored... so the 2 teams tied...

Who has won premiership with 2 different teams?

Henning Berg. Blackburn 1995, Man Utd 97, 99, 00.

13 players who have played without least 2 of theese premiership teams Liverpool man utd Chelsea arsenal?

Jely, Micheal

Which are the only 2 teams in the premiership or football league whose names do not contain the letters a b c d or e?

Fulham and Liverpool

The player who played for 3 premiership teams and only 2 goals?

Peter Schmeichel - Scored for both Man Utd and Aston Villa.

In the group rounds of the world cup what happens if all teams have the same amount of points?

FIRST: they compute the "Goals in favor minusGoals against index" for the tied teams . Example: TEAM A and TEAM B tied at 7 points, but TEAM A scored 6 goals and took 2, whereas TEAM B scored 4 goals and took 2 also. TEAM A would take first place because its index would be 4 against TEAM B's 2 (6-2=4 and 4-2=2).SECOND: if after the first approach the teams remain tied, then first place is awarded to the winner of the game between the two tied teams. If their game was a draw, then,THIRD: they flip a coin.Reaching the third option is very rare (I don't know if it has ever happened) but it could happen...

In the world cup group stage what happens if all 4 teams have the same points and goal difference?

1. greatest number of points in all group matches; 2. goal difference in all group matches; 3. greatest number of goals scored in all group matches. 4. greatest number of points in matches between tied teams; 5. goal difference in matches between tied teams; 6. greatest number of goals scored in matches between tied teams; 7. drawing of lots by the FIFA Organizing Committee.

What happens in Major League Baseball when 2 teams are tied for the division championship and also tied with another team for the wild card?

MLB conducts a coin toss prior to the conclusion of the season. All teams who have the possibility of being the wild card (or the possibility of a tie for division winner) are included and all possible scenarios are covered. The team winning the coin toss hosts a one-game playoff to see which team advances as the wild card, or which team wins the division, if that is the case. If two teams are tied for thhe division lead, and also tied with a team from another division for the wild card, the two teams tied for the division lead will have their tie-breaker game played first. The winner of that game is the division champ, and the loser of that game plays a one game tie-breaker against the team from the other division to determine the wild card.

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