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Other sporting events continued.

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Q: What happened when ancient Olympics got cancelled?
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What happened when someone got hurt in the ancient Olympics?

Some of the events were dangerous.

What happened to the show drake and josh?

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Who got to carry the flame in the ancient Olympics?


What did the winner get has a reward in the Olympics ancient grecce?

They got a wreath and money

Why were the Olympics held in London both in 1944 and 1948?

The Olympics her schedule to be held in Londin in 1944 but did were cancelled due to World War II. So in 1948, they got their chance.

What prize did the winners get in the ancient Olympics?

They got medals.

How did the Olympics got made?

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympic Games to their gods.

What happened if the crowd got out of control at a ancient Greece theater?

There is no record of what happened if the crowd got out of control at a ancient Greece theater. It is assumed that if the crowd got out of control, the guards would make them leave.

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they got punished.

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yes. Hung got cancelled.