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The losers won nothing. If they cheated they would be fined and the money would be used to make statues of Zeus. Cowardice and avoiding training were considered cheating- HELLO BEN :D

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Q: What happened to the winners and losers in the Greek Olympic games?
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In the greek olympic games what did the winners win?

a olive crown

What happened to the losers in the ancient greek Olympics?

They were awarded nothing and went home to their city-state hanging their heads.

Who were the olympic games originally intended to honor?

the first Olympic game honored the Greek god Zeus! Also forthe Olympic winners got crowns made from leaves and vinesfrom a special tree!

When did the Olympics start and who started it?

The very firsrt Olympics were in 1896. Held to honor the Greek gods, men typicaly performed in the nude. The winners usually only got a laurel wreath, while the losers usually died. However, people still performed because of the glory and respect that an Olympic winner commanded.

How were the Olympic Games important to Greek Culture?

athletes were treated like demi-gods and given rewards for winning artisans made statues of some of the olympic winners the gods were naked, and so were the athletes

What happened on the first day of the first ancient Greek Olympic?

A sacrifice to Zeus, in whose honour the Games were held.

What is the significance of the flowers given at the olympic medal ceremonies?

It has been a tradition since the original olympics between the greek city-states, when the winners received olive wreathes! From then on, each host nation has commissioned and designed flower bouquets for the medal winners.

Who COMPETED in the greek olympic games?

The Greek people and Athenians and Spartans competed in the Olympic games of Greek.

What was the result of the peloponnesian war and how did it impact the winners and the losers?

The Peloponnesian League led by Sparta against the Athenian empire resulted in the devastation of the Greek world, the defeat of Athens and its reduction to a second rate power, further wars between the Greek city-states in varying alliances, and the opportunity for Macedonia to impose control on the weakened Greek cities.

What was the difference between greek historians and olympic games?

greek historians and olympic games read their poetry

How do you say winners in greek?

νικητές (niki̱tés)

How did the ancient greek prepere FOR the Olympic?

they used the olympic torch