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Q: What happened to the USA basketball team in 1972?
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When did Team USA Basketball happen?

Team USA Basketball happened in 1992.

When was Team USA Basketball created?

Team USA Basketball was created in 1992.

What are the release dates for ---and Then It Happened - 1972?

---and Then It Happened - 1972 was released on: USA: 1972

Where are the cavilers the basketball team?

in the usa

Is 30 too old to play on the USA basketball team?

No, the age of 30 is not too old to play on the USA basketball team.

The number of basketball players playing on the USA basketball team?


What was the first basketball team ever to play at the Olympics?

the first basketball team was the USA to win but who played

What does 5 P on a B T mean?

5 = Players in a Basketball Team (USA)players on a basketball team?

Which team won the gold medal in the Mens 2008 basketball team?


What sport did the US Dream Team play?

The USA dream team was the 1992 Olympic basketball team.

Who was the M.V.P. of 1992 USA olympic basketball team?

It was Charles Barkley

What teams did LeBron James play for in basketball?

LeBron James has always played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in professional Basketball. He has also played for Team USA.