What happened to Mormon?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) has grown and thrived after fleeing persecution to Utah in 1847. There are now about 14 million Mormons scattered around the world, with a missionary force of over 50,000. You can learn more about them at the "Related Links" below.

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Q: What happened to Mormon?
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When was the Mormon cow incident?

The "Mormon cow incident" or the Glattan Massacre happened in August 19, 1854.

What happened to the Avenging Angels of the Mormon Church?

Avenging angels are a biblical phenomenon, not one specific to the Mormon church.

What happened in Mormons?

A lot! Hahah, read the Book of Mormon. It has everything.

What happened on July 24 1847?

Mormon pioneers settled in the great state of Utah.

What happened to Mormon after he finnished writing the gold plates?

Mormon passed the plates on to his son, Moroni, who finished the work of transcribing the plates and writing some of his own story. Then Mormon was killed in a battle, leaving Moroni the last righteous Nephite standing.

What happened to the 116 pages of book of Mormon that were lost when Joseph Smith loaned them to Martin Harris?

No one knows. No evidence has ever been found as to what happened to them.

When locusts swarmed in to eat Mormon crops what followed and ate them?

It was the Mormon Cricket, not locusts, that swarmed and began to destroy the Mormon's crops. The "Mormon Cricket" is actually not a cricket at all, it is a migratory shieldbacked katydid common in many western states. Mormon Crickets are known to periodically form large swarms, which is exactly what happened to the Mormons. The Mormon's crops were saved by California Gulls, which came in and ate the crickets. Today, Utah's state bird is the California Gull, in honor of their saving the Mormon pioneers in this "Miracle of the Gulls".

Is Mormon a Mormon?

Calpoly is a university, not a human, and no, it is not a Mormon university.

Is Raphael sbarge Mormon?

Raphael Sbarge is a fine actor who happened to portray early Mormon apostle Parley Pratt in the film "Work and the Glory, II." However, there is no indication that he has ever joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What were the forts and landmarks on the Mormon Trail?

There were many stops along the Mormon Trail. Here's a link with a picture, but the most important were Council Bluffs and Winter Quarters. They were the most important and where many sad and terrible things happened on the Mormon Trail. Also, visit; for more information.

What is David Archuleta religion?

David Archuleta is LDS,Or Mormon.

When was the Mormon written?

Do you mean the Book of Mormon? Most of the Book of Mormon was written between the reign of Zedekiah of Judah (about 600 BC) and about 430 AD. One portion was written at a time earlier than this and describes events that happened shortly after the fall of the Tower of Babel. The Book of Mormon was buried by its last writer, Moroni, somewhere near 430 AD. Moroni then appeared to Joseph Smith in the mid 1820's and lead him to the place where the record was buried. Joseph Smith translated it into English and the Book of Mormon was first published in 1830. The Book of Mormon is used as scripture along with the Holy Bible by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly nicknamed the "Mormon" church). You can learn more about the Book of Mormon at the "Related Links" below.