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of course he is are you stupid or somthing

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13y ago
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15y ago he isn't.

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Q: What happened to former nfl great dan marino?
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How much does dan marino make?

Former NFL legend Dan Marino is estimated to be worth 35 million dollars as of 2014. However, his annual salary is not listed.

Was dan marino ever the holder on field goals?

Yes, Marino was the holder for former Dolphin kicker Ray Finkle.

Why is dan marino a great role model?

because he cares

What number is the jersey of Dan Marino?

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback and Hall of Famer Dan Marino wore the number 13 during his 16 year career in the National Football League. Marino also wore that number in this collegiate career at the University of Pittsburgh.

What is dan marino's religion?

I believe Dan Marino is Roman Catholic.

Where are Dan Marino's parents from?

Dan Marino was born and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Who is Dan Marino?

a great football player for the Miami dolphins how could you not know that

Who was the football player kidnapped in the movie ace venture?

Dan Marino was the football player kidnapped in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. He was on the Miami Dolphins

When was Dan Marino born?

Dan Marino was born on September 15, 1961.

What is Dan Marino's birthday?

Dan Marino was born on September 15, 1961.

Is Ken Marino dan marino's brother?


Did Dan Marino and Claire Marino divorce?