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She had died from cancer a few years before the last movie took place.

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Q: What happened to Rocky Balboa's wife in the movie 'Rocky Balboa'?
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What is rocky Balboas real name?

In the movie it is Robert Balboa..and in real life Sylvester Stallone.

What was rocky balboa's weight and height in the last rocky movie?

The last Rocky movie was Balboa. Rocky Balboa's weight and height in the movie was 195 pounds and his height was 5ft and 9in.

Which rocky movie does Adrian Balboa die in?

in the sixth movie in rocky balboa

Has rocky Balboa retired?

You iIDIOT Rocky Balboa is a fictional CHARACTER of a MOVIE!!!!!

What is rocky Balboa's song?

The theme song from the original Rocky Movie for Rocky Balboa was "Gonna Fly Now"

Who is the hero of rocky movie?

Rocky Balboa

What city does Rocky Balboa live in?

Rocky Balboa lives in Philadephia in the movies. But more specifically- he lives in Kensington, Philadelphia in the Rocky Balboa movie.

Is Rocky Balboa real?

no rocky balboa is not real he was mad up by movie star sylver styloone

What is the name of the last Rocky movie?

The last Rocky movie was "Rocky Balboa" which is the sixth film in the series.

Is the movie rocky balboa a continuation of the rocky series?


Cuff and Link were the pets of who?

Rocky Balboa in the movie "Rocky".

What Rocky Balboa movie had the most action?

rocky 1

Where did Rocky balboa fight Creed in the movie Rocky?


What movie did Rocky Balboa have a baby?

Rocky has his child in Rocky II which he names Rocky jr.

In the movie 'Rocky' what is Sylvester Stallone's character's name?

Rocky Balboa.

In the movie Rocky what was Rocky Balboa throwing darts at?

His bathroom door.

How many eggs did rocky balboa eat in the movie rocky?


What is Rocky's actual name in the movie Rocky?

Robert "Rocky" Balboa, Sr.

What is Rocky's surname in the Stallone movie?


What Rocky movie does Adriane die in?

Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6) - she has already died and Rocky talks about her death.

What was Rocky Balboa's weight and height in the first Rocky movie?

5' 11" 190lbs

How does rocky balboa play a hero in the movie Rocky?

he beats up guys and he is a boxer

In the movie Rocky what is Rocky's full name?

Robert "Rocky" Balboa Sr. is Sylvester Stallone's character's full name. He does not become Sr. until after Adrian Balboa gives birth to his son in Rocky II.

Is there going to be another movie of rocky balboa?

no because the man that did the movie is to old

In the movie Rocky what does Apollo Creeds trainer warn him about Rocky Balboa?

He's a south paw.