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the Olympic games

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Q: What happened to Olympic games between 394AD and 1896 AD?
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What happened in Olympic games 1894?

There wasn't an 1894 olympic games

How many years between the first recorded Olympic games and the games of 2008?

how many years between the olympic games

Who looks after the Olympic torch in between the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Committee.

Can you visit the Olympic Park between the Olympic Games and Paraolympic Games?


What happened in 1956?

The Melbourne Olympic Games

What happened in 1887 in olympic games?


When did Olympic Summer Games - video game - happen?

Olympic Summer Games - video game - happened in 1996.

What happened in Berlin olympic games?

Hitler died..

What had happened in sarajevo in 1984?

Winter Olympic games !

What happened during the Olympic Games in Greece?

someone answer this question. im just kidding during the olympic games politalcal corruption was set aside

What is the time interval between each olympic games?

The Olympic games are held every 4 years.

What was the difference between greek historians and olympic games?

greek historians and olympic games read their poetry

How many years are there between the Olympic games and the Olympic winter games?

Summer games= 4 years Winter games= 2 years

What happened in Australia in 1956?

The Olympic games held in Melbourne.

What happened in the year 1956?

Australian Olympic Games in Melbourne

What happend to 1916 olympic games?

normal thing happened

What happened to the Olympic games during war time?


When did sports started?

The first Olympic Games happened last 776 BC

Have the winter Olympic games ever been held in the southern hemisphere?

No, all 21 Olympic winter games have happened in the northern hemisphere.

What are the similarities between modern Olympic games and Greek Olympic games?

Greek Olympic Games inspired modern Olympic Games. One similaritty is the time between the events. In old Greek, Olympic Games happens every year, but only each four years happens the Olympic Games dedicated to Zeus, the major god in Olimpo. Other similaritie is the competittion between regions, today, countries. Other point is the competittion in running, the oldest sport in Olympic Games. More than that, the fire to make open the event is inspired in old Greek.

What were the connections between Zeus and the ancient olympic games?

The olympic games were originally meant to be a form of tribute to Zeus.

What happened after both the Munich and Atlanta Olympic terrorist disturbances?

After the Munich, and Olympic terrorist disturbances, it was agreed that the Olympic Games should continue.

What happened every 4 years at Olympus?

the ancient Olympic Games

What event happened in 2012 in London that started in Greece?

The Olympic Games.

What big event happened in 776 BC?

first olympic games