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Kane is currently making a sequel to his last film, and is taking a break from Wrestling.

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Kane was injured and has been recovering for his big return!!!

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Q: What happened to Kane from WWE and when is he coming back?
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Is Kane coming back to WWE?

Yes he already is!

Wwe when is Kane coming back masked?

we will never know these days. You can never expect Kane to become his old self again

What happened to Kane when he is back to WWE?

Nothing happened to him he just took some time off to heal from various injuries

When is rhino coming back to wwe or tna?

sadly he`s going to wwe he going to attack Kane and going to be a masked man and join the nexus June 2010 - He isn't coming back to WWE, he is still under contract with TNA

When is the Undertaker coming back to the WWE ring?

I think that the dead man will return at wrestlemania 27 ans take his revenge on Kane ............................r.i.p Kane

Is undertaker coming back to WWE after begin buried alive?

yes and he is going to destroy Kane & paul bearer.

Is WWE bringing back the old Kane?


Who is coming to WWE on 1-2-12?

undertaker or masked kane

Is scotty too hotty coming back to WWE?

No he is not coming back to WWE

Is Candice Michelle coming back to the WWE?

i do not know when she is coming back to the wwe

Is trish status coming back to WWE?

yes she is contemplating coming back to wwe

Is Kane coming back to WWE in 2011?

He is currently injured and taking some time off. He should return maybe by end of 2011 or in 2012