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Q: What happened to James Sullivan son of albert?
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What happened to Katherine Mary Sullivan?

I read that she died a few months later from pneumonia.. It would be nice to verify this with her living granddaughter. Also the information regarding James.. the son. Actually, this answer seems to be confused with the Sullivan's last child, a girl, who died of pneumonia five months after birth. The wife of Albert Sullivan did not die of pneumonia five months after his death on the USS Juneau in 1942. I saw a photo of the gravestone for Mr and Mrs Sullivan. It also had Kathleen's name on it indicating she was born and died in 1930. She was still alive as of Nov 2008.

If Albert's son is your son's father what is the relationship between Albert and you?

Either: Albert's son is my husband and and father of my son, Albert is my father in law. Or: If Albert's son is me, the father of my son, then Albert is my father.

How many children does James Marsters have?

He has a son, and I think his looking after his niece.Another answer:His son Sullivan was born in 1996, with ex-wife Liane Davidson.

What happened to Gladys Knight's son James?

what was the official cause of death for james newman, gladys knight son

If Albert's son is my son's father what is the relationship between Albert and me?

Youre his son.

What happened to albert einsteins sons?

Albert Einstein had three children, a son named Hans Albert, a son named Eduard, and a daughter named Lieserl. Hans Albert and Eduard both led successful lives in academia and engineering, while Lieserl tragically died in childhood due to Scarlet Fever.

What famous event happened to Charles I the Stuart Monarch and son of James I?

He was beheaded.

What was albert Einsteins first son named?

Albert Einstein's first son was named Hans Albert Einstein.

What are the release dates for Sullivan and Son - 2012 3-1?

Sullivan and Son - 2012 3-1 was released on: USA: 2014

When was Son of Albert created?

Son of Albert was created on 1990-05-22.

What happened to James Monroe?

James Monroe had two daughters and one son. Maria, Elizabeth, and James Spence. The son, James Spence died at a age one. His two daughter got married and had children of their own.

What was albert Einstein son's names?

hans albert