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Q: What happened to Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Sherzers 24 year old brother?
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Who is the pitcher for the Detroit Tigers?

Justin Verlander

Is Detroit pitcher Max Scherzer Jewish?

No, Scherzer is not Jewish.

Who is the Detroit Tigers top pitcher for 2010?

Justin Verlander

Who were the best pitcher for the 2010 Detroit Tigers?

Justin Verlander

Who wears number 20 for the Detroit Tigers?

Currently, pitcher Octavio Dotel wears #20 for the Detroit Tigers.

Why to the Detroit Tigers stink?

because the only good pitcher they have is verlander

Who was Virgil Trucks Detroit Tigers Pitcher?

You can go to the following site:

Who is the Detroit Tigers opening day pitcher?

Justin Verlander is the best pitcher on the Tigers therfore he will pitch on opening day

What were molly pitcher's brother's names?

Molly Pitcher's Bothers names were Brian and DaineJohann Martin

How many brother's and sister's did molly pitcher have?

molly did the

Is relief pitcher Jose Valverde of the Detroit Tigers really superstitious?


What does Justin Verlander play?

Justin Verlander is a starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.