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Q: What happened to Clint walkers twin brother?
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What happened to Clint Walker's twin?

His twin sister passed away a few years ago!

Does Clint walker have a brother?

He had a twin sister who is now deceased -sad to say

Does Pat Sajak had his twin brother?

no he does not have a twin brother

Does mo farah have a twin brother?

Yes he does have a twin brother

Does Gary Levox have a twin brother?

He has a brother, Kevin, but not a twin.

Did Althea Gibson have a twin brother?

No, Althea Gibson did not have a twin brother.

Who was Jacobs brother in the Bible?

Esau was Jacob's twin brother.

Who in the wanted has a twin brother?

Siva has an identical twin brother called Kumar, and Jay has a non-identical twin brother called Tom

Jacob twin brother?

Jacob does not have a twin brother in the Bible. The closest figure to Jacob with a brother is Esau, who is his twin brother according to Genesis 25:24.

Which Jackson brother had a twin brother who died?

Marlon, his twin was called Brandon.

Does Destiny Hope Cyrus have a twin?

No. She has a younger brother and sister and brother. And an older sister and brother. But not a twin

Does Britney Spears have a twin sister or brother?

Britney Spears does not have a twin sister or brother.