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Q: What happened to Blair s eye from the facts about life?
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Is tony Blair blind in one eye?

No, it isgordon brown who is parochially sighted not to y blair

What are Tony Blair eye color?

Tony blairs eyecolour

What happened to Stephen Girard s eye?

Stephen Girard lost his eye in a childhood accident when he was hit by a stone thrown by a schoolmate. The injury left him blind in one eye for the rest of his life.

What are the release dates for Eye on Entertainment - 2005 Gregory Blair Debuts Deadly Revisions 8-24?

Eye on Entertainment - 2005 Gregory Blair Debuts Deadly Revisions 8-24 was released on: USA: 16 June 2012

What are facts on hammurabi?

He made laws called the "eye for an eye codes"

Who was the first person to go on the London eye?

Tony Blair, the then leader of the Government as Prime minister.

When did Tony Blair open the London Eye?

It opened in 2000 for the Millennium celebrations.

Why was dame Devon surprised when she saw Blair's eye's?

because she knows that her sister in law had blue eye's and she knew that blair might be baby sophia who did not die in the car crash that she planed to make sure her daughter delency could have the magical crown of gardania and rule it!

When did The Eye of Typhoon happen?

The Eye of Typhoon happened in 1996.

When did The Eye of Judgment happen?

The Eye of Judgment happened in 2007.

What are facts about the euoplocephalus?

It has armor on it's eye lids

Intiiresting facts about Robert gray?

he was missing a eye