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Q: What happened on march 4?
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What events happened on March 4 1789 and March 4 1793?

March 4, 1793 was the date of George Washington's second inauguration. On March 4, 1789, was the date of the first meeting or session of the First Congress.

What happened in 1887?

automobile invented on march 4

What events happened on March 4 1780 and March 4 1793?

I don't know about 1780, but March 4, 1793 was the date of the second inauguration of US President George Washington.

What happened on march 4 1789?

The US Constitution went into effect.

What historical events in the Philippines happened on March 4?

It's family day

What events happened on March 4 1793?

George Washington

Will there be a season 4 of Mr Young?

This is not yet announced. This is because the announcement of season 3 happened in March 2012. Considering that filming will continue on till December and that season 3 will premiere in March 2013. An assurance of season 4 will not be announced till next year.

What happened on March 4 1991?

The king of Kuwait returned home for the firs time since Iraq invasion

What events happened on March the 11?

a earthquake happened

What happened on march 1589?


What happened on March 11?

What Year?

What is the date before 4 days of 3 mar?

The answer to What date happened 4 days before March 3rd would depend on whether that year was a Leap Year.

What are the terms Thomas Jefferson did as he was serving as president?

March 4, 1801 - March 4, 1805 and March 4, 1805 - March 4, 1809

When did March on Rome happen?

March on Rome happened in 1922.

When did March Incident happen?

March Incident happened in 1931.

When did Ice March happen?

Ice March happened in 1918.

When did Toy's March happen?

Toy's March happened in 2005.

When did Muscle March happen?

Muscle March happened in 2009.

What important event happened on March 11?

See the link below for more information about what events happened in what year on March 11th.

What historical events happened in march?

give me 3 main events that happened on march from the book called Catherine called Birdy

What major events happened in March 2011?

Follow the related link for a full list of all the events that happened in March 2011.

What happened in Ides of March?

On the ides of March, Julius Caesar was assassinated.

When did March Intifada happen?

March Intifada happened in 1965-03.

What event happened on 21st March 1960?

the sharpville massacre happened.

What happened on March 22 2010?

the future happened! (For now, at least.)