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Q: What happened if people were naughty at school in the olden days?
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In the olden days naughty boys often dipped pigtails in what?

In the olden days naughty boys often dipped pigtails in ink. This is often a word sentence found in crossword puzzles.

What did people in the olden days call school bags?


What did the people in the Olden-Days have?

Please define "olden days" because each time had different things. To some people 1950 is the "olden days".

How was school like in the olden days?

it was realy strict

How old to be in a olden day school?

very old

Why do people hit there kids?

There are many reasons that people hit kids. In the olden days, parents were allowed to spank their children if they were being naughty. This was viewed as "okay" but we know today that it is not. Other people hit children because they are angry, so they take their anger out on them. This is called child abuse, and is not tolerated in society.

How do people save in the olden days?

In the olden days there were no banks so people used to keep their money under their heads

What did olden people wear in olden days?

old looking clothes because it was the old times =p

Farming in olden days?

rubbish people

What do people do in the olden days?

horse and buggies

What was school like in the olden days?

I am pretty sure... that in the olden days, school was... OLD.And they used canes, and little black board things to write on (no joking for that part. im pretty sure it was like that lol)

How many days did the children go to school in the olden days?

the boys went to school only if they were rich though.