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Q: What happened after the native American rebellion San Diego started?
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When did Native American art start?

Native American art started when people went into America from Asia and the started painting and sculpting.

Why did Native American join Pontiac's rebellion?

They were fighting to keep their land. ~APEX~

Who won Bacon's rebellion?

Native American side led by Governor William Berkely

Native American uprising against the british in the great lakes region?

Pontiac's Rebellion

Who are the kachinas and why are they important?

they started the native american village

What happened to native American civilization as contact with europeans?

It moved the Native American's south east of the Mississippi river

What were the relationships between the southern colonies and the American Indians?

it was good and then the colonist started to take over the native Americans land and the Tuscarora War happened

What happened to local native Americans after the spanish arrived in central American?

spanish took over there land for the native american's

What happened to the Native American when the Transcendental Railroad was built?

they were separated.

What happened to most Native American groups in the Southeast?

No se

How was the proclamation of 1763 related to Pontiacs Rebellion?

Pontiac's Rebellion was a battle waged by Native American tribes after the British after the French and Indian War. To stop conflict with Native American tribes, the British issued the Proclamation of 1763, which forbade Anglo-American colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.

When was Natal Native Rebellion Medal created?

Natal Native Rebellion Medal was created in 1907.

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