What happen to WWE diva lita?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I think that a lot of divas get put in to storylines that isn't really their personal character. People may like/dislike the divas based on the storyline they are put into but in general these ladies are very much as dignified as other women of the country are.

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She retired the same year Trish did in 2006 because everyone was being meen to her so she just quit oh and she retired the same year but not the same month along time after Trish did!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What happen to WWE diva lita?
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Does the WWE diva lita have a kid?

No that was just a storyline

Was a diva a x from edge from WWE raw?

yes it was lita

What is WWE diva lita's yahoo id?

She doesn't have one

Who made wwe diva lita's lingerie in the nyc dvd?

She did

What is the date of birth of WWE diva lita?

April 4th 1975

What is Adam copeland's girlfriend's name?

Amy Dumas ( WWE diva "Lita" )

Are cm punk and Serena dating?

WWE Superstar CM Punk is not dating The "Anti-Diva" Serena. Punk is dating former WWE diva Lita.

Which WWE diva is a?

if you meant the greatest diva it was trish stratus 6 time women's champion or lita who was and is and will always be a slut

Who does Matt hardy have a crush on?

Nobody currently. But former WWE Diva Lita was his girlfriend four years ago, until she cheated on him with Edge. Lita retired from WWE in 2006.

Is cm punk going out with fromer wwe diva lita?

yes he is for 3 months now

Is Former WWE Diva Lita single?

No, she and wrestler CM Punk (Phil Brooks) are in a relationship.

Why did WWE diva lita leave wrestling?

she said in a recent interview that she couldn't keep up with the schedule