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Released by WWE May 26, 2006 he resides in Miami, Florida.

well in fact Orlando Jordan is r-truth that is kept secret the rock i am

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Q: What happen to Orlando Jordan?
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How tall is Orlando Jordan?

Orlando Jordan is 6' 4".

Is wrestler Orlando Jordan gay?

No, Orlando Jordan is not gay. He is bisexual.

What is Orlando Jordan's birthday?

Orlando Jordan was born on July 10, 1971.

When was Orlando Jordan born?

Orlando Jordan was born on July 10, 1971.

What has the author Jordan Orlando written?

Jordan Orlando has written: 'Object Lesson'

How old is Orlando Jordan?

Orlando Jordan is 40 years old (birthdate: July 10, 1971).

What nicknames does Orlando Jordan go by?

Orlando Jordan goes by The Chief of Staff, The Policy, The Bluechipper, and OJ.

Did Jordan ever play for Orlando?


Is Orlando Jordan the rock's cousin?


Are any wrestlers gay?

Orlando Jordan is bisexual

Is Orlando Jordan coming back to WWE?

no he is a gay

Is Orlando Jordan on tna impact the video game?


When will Orlando Jordan return to tna?

hopefully never!

When did Jack Orlando happen?

Jack Orlando happened in 1997.

When was Jordan Farkas born?

Jordan Farkas was born on February 15, 1985, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Who is gay in professional wrestling?

Orlando Jordan is bi-sexual

Who sings Orlando Jordan's theme from TNA?

Ninja Zombie.

Are there any gay wrestlers in tna?

Yes. TNA Orlando Jordan

Which artist performs Orlando Jordan's theme music?

Who cares he got fired

When did Michael Jordan play for the Orlando Magic?

never only in ur dreams

Is Elijah Burke gay?

No he isn't. You're thinking of Orlando Jordan who is bi

When did Battle of Cape Orlando happen?

Battle of Cape Orlando happened on 1299-07-04.

When did Black September in Jordan happen?

Black September in Jordan happened in 1970.

When did Michael Jordan in Flight happen?

Michael Jordan in Flight happened in 1993.

Where can you get Orlando Jordan's new theme song?

KAZAA, LIMEWIRE, IMESH either of those 3 are dope