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In the UK it would depend on the CSS/SSS and par of the course. In the states I think it goes on par for the course and the slope rating. 82 consistently would put you in the 10-12 or so category.

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Q: What handicap golf an 82 average?
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What are the chances of a 25 handicap shooting an 82 on a golf course with a 72.4 rating and a 134 slope?

It's probably unlikely that the 25 handicapper will shoot that many under their handicap, but you never know. Depends if they are regularly shooting better than there handicap. Anything can happen in golf.

If you average around 100 What is your golf handicap?

Unless they have come up with a new formula, your handicap would be around 28.

Is 21 considered a low or high handicap in golf?

well it is considered a relatively high handicap in golf, this means the individual would likely average around 93 for all his rounds of golf. one must include slope and rating of the course when calculating a handicap, all handicap calculating programs calculate slope and rating for you. please keep in mind this came from a scratch handicap (0) and that the average golfer shoots 106 in his average round so think of it as your already better than average!!!!

What is abbreviation of handicap in golf?

A golf handicap is a numerical representation of a player’s ability,

In golf can you consider a handicap score of 16 respectable?

A handicap of 16 is respectable if you aren't planning on trying out for the PGA. A 16 handicap says your average score is 16 shots over par for that course.

What is a golf index?

A golf index is the same thing as a golf handicap - it measures a golfer's ability.

What is Neil Young's golf handicap?


What is is steven Gerrard golf handicap?

36 ;)

What is the handicap allowance in tri-am golf?


What is michael jordan's golf handicap?


What is net golf?

Net golf is the use of a players handicap when adding up the score.

Can a player of golf adjust their own handicap?