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he use clear for men shampoo and gel

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Ive heard he uses l'oreal indestructible.

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Q: What hair products does Cristiano Ronaldo use?
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What mobile does Cristiano Ronaldo use?

samsung galaxy s3

Does Cristiano ronaldo use a tube of gel or a pot?

a pot of wax

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo only use his first two names?

He only uses his first name because his full name is very long-Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro.

Instructions for hair like Cristiano Ronaldo's hair?

Well .. I've tried many different things on '' how to get the c.ronaldo hair look '' and i think i found it. First of all .. I've painted my hair black. Why ? if you want the Cristiano ronaldo look. you need to be exactly like him. Then i bought '' Axe Taste of Summer '' to make your skin exactly the same color as Cristiano ronaldo. Than i bought many,many hair products such as L'oreal Indistructuble and Titan Gel. But Gues what .. for the fun i bought some styling gel from a local supermarket. i think i was 2 euros. And it works perfectly. How to do your hair like him First of all you need to take a shower. Than dry your hair as good as you can. Than use some hairspray. make sure you not use hairspray that makes your hair stronger. Then get some gel, i adivice to experiment on your own on wich gel you like best. Then bring the gel slowly in your hair. don't use too much and make sure the back of your hair contains also gel. After you've done that you can work on the style. Because my English isn't that good it's too hard for me to explain but i hope this will help you. Greetz From Holland ! Ronaldo Im also a muppet mate

What hand does Cristiano Ronaldo write with?

Christiano Ronaldo is a right handed person.

What hair products does Cecily Tynan use?

Ur mom's hair products.

What phone do Cristiano Ronaldo use?

At the arrival in Madrid a Nokia 8800 Arte, Now a Blackberry Bold 9700

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Some good hair products you can use to help your hair grow are, olive oil hair products, coconut hair products. But the best way to make your hair grow is to care for it correctly. What I mean by that is when you detangle it, it's best to use some type of detangular and a wide tooth comb is the best to use.

What famous people use Nike shoes?

Some people that use Nike Shoes are : Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, William sisters, Rafael Nadal and many other sports people around the world.

How do you dye your hair blonde?

You can dye hair professionally in a salon or with using home products. Some products to use to lighten hair until it turns blond is honey,hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.(Read on how to use the products on the hair before use)

What gel does Cristiano Ronaldo use?

I'm not sure what he really uses, but L'Oreal does have a professional line (not the "Professionals" line, like, an actually salon-only line that the average person can't buy). Maybe he does use it but he uses the professional version of it?