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Their nickname - the name used commonly by fans - is the Toon or The Magpies.

The "fake name" means they did not license the name used.


They were an unlicensed team named Newcastle.


They were an unlicensed team named Highlands.

PES 3 - 6

They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside.

PES 2008

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, they were a licensed team alongside Tottenham Hotspur.

PES 2009

They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside

PES 2010

They did not appear in PES 2010.

PES 2011 - 2015

They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside.

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Q: What had been the F C Pro Evolution Soccer Newcastle United's unlicensed fake name?
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