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Brestyan's, in Ashland, Massachusetts.

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Q: What gym did Alicia Sacramone attend in Massachusetts?
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What exercise does Alicia Sacramone like to do?

Alicia is a gymnast, so outside of gym, she does gym related stuff, like lifting weights, running, etc.

What gym does Alicia sacramone train at?

Alicia is currently training for the 2012 Olympic Games at Brestyan's American Gymnastics Club in Burlington, Mass.

Is brestyans a good gymnastics place?

Yes, it is a very good training gym. It is where Olympian and World Champion Alicia Sacramone trains. Also, Alexandra Raisman trains there, and she is vying for a spot on the 2012 Olympic team as well. All that being said, a gym does not need to have world-class gymnasts to be a good gym. There are a lot of wonderful gyms that don't have any world-class athletes on their roster because the talent has not come their way. Even still, Brestyans is an excellent place to go for gymnastics if you can.

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