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Oldham Athletic

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Q: What greater Manchester soccer team is called athletic?
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What football team does paul scholes support?

"Giggsy" plays football (called soccer in the States) for Manchester United FC in the Premier League.

What is the name of the Manchester united soccer team?

The Manchester team is called The Red Devils.

What is the name of Manchester uniteds home ground?

Their home ground is known as 'Old Trafford'. The ground is also nicknamed as Stretford and Greater Manchester. I was dating a girl on dream marriage who was really passionate abt soccer. So, learned that from her.

When did Manchester United Championship Soccer happen?

Manchester United Championship Soccer happened in 1995.

When was Manchester United Championship Soccer created?

Manchester United Championship Soccer was created in 1995.

What soccer is called the red devils?

Manchester United Football club is known as the red devils. They are from Manchester in the UK. They play in the Barclays Premier League.

What English soccer team used to be called Newton Heath?

In 1887 they started as Newton Heath but today they are called Manchester United.

Where is it possible to buy a Manchester United soccer bag?

One may buy a Manchester United soccer bag online from Amazon, eBay, Fox Soccer Shop, World Soccer Shop, Sports Direct and even on the official Manchester United website.

What is the most expensive soccer team?

manchester united soccer team

Which sport is more athletic soccer or gymnastics?

Both of them are. Since I play both soccer and do gymnastics, they are both healthy and athletic things. The only thing is I do gymnastics more professionally than soccer, but both athletic sports in different ways.

Who currently presides over Manchester United?

Manchester United is an English Premier soccer team based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester. Alex Ferguson and his assistant Archie Knox have been in charge of the team since 1986 and they are one of the most wealthy teams in Europe.

Who is Harry Styles' favorite soccer player?

He supports Manchester United. He likes Wayne Rooney.