What grazes in the field?

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Q: What grazes in the field?
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Would you like to lick a cow that grazes in a field of poppy seeds?


What does a wild horse eat and how does it obtain its food?

Grass and other plants. It grazes, like any other domestic horse in a field.

Information on how to look after a horse that lives outside?

make sure horse has water rug up in winter pick droppins out of field(manure) check horse for cuts grazes etc.... make sure the field is rid of poisinius plants

What is a serve that grazes the net in tennis?

a fault

what do we call a person who grazes animals?


What grazes in the veld?

What is a veld?

How do you deal with cuts grazes and wounds and why its important to do so?

Cuts, grazes and wounds should be cleaned with an antiseptic liquid. Open wounds should be covered with a plaster, or a pad of gauze and tape, or bandaged to prevent infection. Small cuts and grazes may only need a plaster.

What does a billy goat often do?

It normally grazes on the grassy fields.

A deer that grazes on grasses would be considered a?

A primary consumer

What does the kangro eat?

The Kangaroo grazes on grasses, and browses on trees and shrubs.

What is the effect on soil when a farmer under-grazes his pastures?

the effect is that the soil will be pastures

What does a kongaroo eats?

A kangaroo is a herbivore, and grazes on grasses and browses on the leaves of trees and shrubs.