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Why would u want to know that.. lol xD

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If you do

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for research purposes idiot

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Q: What grades did Muhammad ali get in high school?
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What was Muhammad Ali education?

Muhammad Ali was a boxer and he had dropped out of his central high school.

Did Muhammad ali go to college and high school?

muhammad ali went to college at saniyal college and he went to ray high school

Where did Muhammad Ali go to college?

Muhammad Ali went to Central High School (1958)

Did Muhammad ali have any best friends at school?

No. Muhammad Ali did not exsist in High School. He changed his name after school and was Cassious Clay before that.

Did Muhammad Ali go to high school?


Where did Muhammad go to school?

Muhammad Ali went to Louisville Central High School. Unfortuately, he dropped out.

What was name of the high school Muhammad ali graduated?

the school he went to is yo mamma suck ball boner

Was Muhammad Ali a good student in high school?

Lawn gnome beach party in Taffeta.

What collage school did Muhammad Ali go to and did he graduate?

Muhammad Ali went to school in Maine and he was a A average and he graduated 1 out of 347

Muhammad Ali signed your High School Yearbook in 1972 how much would that be worth?

That would be what you call priceless

Did Muhammad ali go to middle school?


Which school did muhammed ali go to?

Ali attended Louisville Central High in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali dropped out of high school at the age of 16 (1958) but reenrolled the next year and graduated in 1960 at the age of 18.